6 Simple Spring/Summer Outfit Ideas

Spring/Summer Outfit Ideas

Earlier this week, I uploaded a blog post about my latest Spring/Summer Clothing Haul to show you guys what I bought from some of my favorite stores. I didn’t get much, but I definitely got a head start on finding some clothes for the warmer seasons! In this post, I am going to give you 6 simple spring/summer outfit ideas incorporating the same pieces that I picked up! I will link the same items in case you missed it along with some other staple clothing items that you may be interested in!

Jean Shorts and Graphic Tee

Simple Spring/Summer Outfit Ideas - Zara Graphic Tee and Jean Shorts

The first outfit that I put together was really simple, like most of them will be. I personally don’t like a lot of complicated outfits – and by that, I mean that I wear a lot of basic stuff and make it look cute. Simply because it’s easy and it looks good (to me). I tucked in the Zara graphic t-shirt into the jean shorts that I got from there as well. I put on some plain white and black Adidas Superstars and called it a day. Simple, yet cute!


Zara Jean ShortsZara Graphic Tee

Black Flower Dress with Espadrille Wedges

Simple Spring/Summer Outfit Ideas -Black Floral Dress

Dresses are some of the easiest articles of clothing to have in your closet. They are one piece and are your entire outfit! There is no need for anything else except shoes – which can sometimes be the easiest part of it all. I put on my black lace-up espadrille wedges from AJ Voyage with the black floral dress that I got from H&M. As I mentioned in my previous post, this dress was from the sales rack a few months back, but I found something similar for you!

H&M Dress

AJ Voyage Black Espadrille Wedge

Mom Jean Shorts Two-Ways

When I said “simple spring/summer outfit ideas” I really meant it. With that, I mean pairing a few basic items into more than one outfit! Since mom jeans are a bit of a mix between a tight and loose fit, I was able to style them 2 different ways in this try-on. The black flower dress from H&M is super thin (perfect for summer) and also perfect to tuck into these high-waisted mom jean shorts from Zara! The dress’ front detail with the bow made it look really cute together.

H&M Dress

Zara Mom Jean Shorts

I also tried the shorts on the plain black tank top from H&M and I also liked it for a bit more of a relaxed look. In both outfits, I wore the black espadrille wedges from AJ Voyage, but you could also put some on sneakers or something more casual if you would like!

Black Tank from H&M

AJ Voyage Black Espadrille Wedge

Boyfriend Jeans and Plain Tank

Simple Spring/Summer Outfit Ideas - Boyfriend Jeans

I originally had a kimono that I was going to wear over this, but that is another story as to why it didn’t work out. So, I decided to include this anyway and put on the boyfriend jeans from Mohito with the plain white tank from H&M. The shoes that I wore were the mocha espadrille wedges! Boyfriend jeans are very versatile so you can wear them more dressed up or dressed down, it’s up to you!

White Tank from H&M
Mohito Boyfriend Jeans

AJ Voyage Mocha Espadrille Wedge

Black Linen Shorts with Jean Jacket

As I mentioned in the other blog, I fell in love with these shorts along with their price from the sales rack at H&M (I found similar shorts for you all). I decided to keep it fairly simple, yet again. I dressed these shorts up with a black jersey tank, a short denim jacket, my black espadrille wedges and even added my black Kate Spade purse that was also featured in another blog post.

Simple Spring/Summer Outfit Ideas - Jean Jacket

Simple Spring/Summer Outfit Ideas - Racerback Tank

H&M Black Shorts

AJ Voyage Black Espadrille Wedge

Button Down Jean Skirt

Skirts, in general, have grown on me over the years as I was not very fond of them before. This button-down jean skirt from H&M can be worn in many different ways. The weather here was really nice in the middle of March so, I decided to pair the skirt with a fitted black long-sleeve shirt and dress the outfit up with my Gucci belt. I actually wore some sneakers with this outfit which you can do too or dress it up even more with some kind of heel.

Simple Spring/Summer Outfit Ideas - Plain Black Long Sleeve

Simple Spring/Summer Outfit Ideas - Button Down Jean Skirt

These 6 simple spring/summer outfit ideas are just some of the many ways that you can dress up the items that I purchased and choose to recreate for the warmer seasons coming up! What are some of your favorite spring/summer outfits?


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