Blue Light Glasses from Quay Australia – Why I Decided to Invest

My Blue Light Glasses from Quay Australia

Many people can agree that technology is consuming our lives these days. We spend a lot of our time on our phones, computers, in front of TVs, etc. Whether it’s for work or for leisure, it is something that we have grown accustomed to. Believe it or not, all those times your mom or grandma have told you that staring into that screen can hurt your eyes, they have been right. That’s why I invested in Blue Light Glasses –mine are Quay Australia (pronounced “key”).

What is Blue Light?

I figured I would start here for those who don’t know what blue light is. Blue light is short wavelengths of high energy which can penetrate our eyes (more specifically the retina). Too much exposure can cause a lot of damage since our eyes can’t process blue light very well. It can strain your eyes, cause headaches, blurred vision, and even eye fatigue.

Blue light also comes from the sun – which isn’t too bad since it is natural. It helps our bodies feel more alert and awake. Blue light is most damaging after the sun goes down because we have artificial light shining in our eyes.

Why I Chose to Get Blue Light Glasses

A year ago, I started working in front of a computer on a daily basis. This meant at least 8-hours of exposure to blue light. Back then, I didn’t really know about blue light since the “trend” for these kinds of glasses wasn’t as popular yet. However, I did think about the fact that staring at a screen so often can damage my eyes and I had to do something about it. I have 20/20 vision, but almost everyone in my family wears glasses for one reason or another – even my twin sister. Since I was working on a computer, I figured that it would only speed up the time before I had to get glasses of my own.

I kept telling myself that I would go to an eye doctor to get some kind of protection for my eyes while in front of a computer which was when I learned about blue light glasses. I was convinced that this was something I needed, especially since I started blogging on a weekly basis and increased my time spent in front of my computer.

Quay Australia

Blue Light Glasses Selfie

The hardest part was finding glasses that I liked and that looked good. I am picky when it comes to these things – but who isn’t? I had found a few different places to buy blue light glasses and they all ranged in price. Some from Amazon, Warby Parker, and even the brand that is known for their stylish sunglasses, Quay Australia. The cool thing about Warby Parker is that you can pick 5 frames and they will send them to you for a 5-day try-on. This way you can decide which ones you like. They will even send you a free return label so you can send them back after the trial period!

With Quay, they offer a virtual try-on session where you have to take a picture and rotate your head. They will place the glasses on your face through this virtual program and you will get an idea about how they will look. This is what I did and it was a great way to alleviate the stress and wonder of whether or not they will look good.

I ended up getting the RUMOURS because I really liked the cat eye style of them. The tortoise frame was also something that I really liked so, it was a win-win for me after the virtual try-on! I ordered these blue light glasses from Quay Australia almost two months ago and I was able to get them with a discount code that I found online. I fell in love with these glasses and have been using them ever since!

If you are someone who spends hours on your phone, computer, or in front of blue light, I would highly consider that you invest in these kinds of glasses. Explore Quay Australia’s website along with the others at some of the different styles and find a pair that works for you! Do you have blue light glasses of your own?




P.S. This is not a sponsored post and in no way, shape, or form am I affiliated with Quay Australia. 

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