Early Spring/Summer Clothing Haul

Spring/Summer Clothing Haul

I don’t just like shopping, I also find it really exciting which is why I want to share with you all a few of my spring/summer items that I picked up last week. In this spring/summer clothing haul, you will see items from Zara, H&M, Mohito, and online at AJ Voyage – I will try to link as close to the items as possible so you can shop them yourself if you are interested!

One thing that I like more than shopping is finding good deals at some of my favorite stores. That’s one of the reasons I like buying clothes during their off-season (sweaters after winter, dresses after summer, etc.). Shopping the sale racks is always great…you just have to know how to do it right. My goal during this shopping trip was to get my closet ready for the spring and summer season. Here is what I picked up!

Graphic Tee from Zara

Spring/Summer Haul Graphic Tee

I have had an obsession with graphic tees for a couple of years now and my collection of them is only growing. I found this one at Zara and thought it was such an accurate depiction of my life.  They don’t have many sizes online so check your local Zara stores and still check the link below! For me, graphic tees can be dressed up or down depending on your mood so there is a lot of variation with them!

Zara Graphic Tee

Pain Tanks/Jersey Tops from H&M

I think having plain white and black tanks is super important because you never know when you will need them. I replace mine often since these are pretty cheap. What’s different about these compared to the others is that they are a bit cropped, the neck is straight across verses curved, and they have longer straps so the neck starts a bit lower than usual! These are about 5lv each ($3) so they are super affordable and are very versatile.

Black Tank from H&MWhite Tank from H&M

Jean Shorts from Zara

I love wearing jean shorts in the summertime so I figured I would get a head-start on buying some of my more basic necessities for the season. They are super comfortable and easy to style – whether you want to dress them up or down, it all works! I decided on two different pairs, both from Zara.

The first is a bit of a looser style, regular blue wash with a frayed bottom. I liked this style a lot because many of my other jean shorts have cuffs so this was something a bit different.

The second is a Mom Jean style and I absolutely LOVE them! They are pretty high-waisted and have a mix between a tight and loose fit. The blue is a bit darker than normal, but I think it still looks good. I used to have a pair similar to this style when I was in high school. Those were a Calvin Klein pair that I found at the thrift store and cut up so these remind me of them!

Zara Jean ShortsZara Mom Jean Shorts

Boyfriend Jeans from Mohito

I have been looking for the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans for the longest time and I haven’t had any luck until now. The problem for me with boyfriend jeans is that I have really big and muscular calves which makes finding any kind of jeans difficult. However, with boyfriend styles, if they fit my calves, they are super huge on my waist – and vice versa.

I was so excited that I found these at Mohito – which is a store in Europe – and the good part about these is that they are stretch boyfriend jeans…A.K.A. probably one of the only reasons they fit. I actually really liked them, the cut, and the style overall!

Mohito Boyfriend Jeans

Espadrille Platform Wedges

I actually bought these in the middle of winter from an online website called AJ Voyage. I was looking for some kind of platform sandal for the summer and I really liked this espadrille/wedge look. Plus, being winter, AJ Voyage had some sales and I was able to get them for a really good price! I think they are very cute and they can be worn with dresses, jeans, shorts, and literally almost everything. The laces are pretty long, but again, I do have large calves so that makes tying it more than twice around my leg a bit of a struggle. It is manageable though and tying them once around and making a nice bow in the back is also cute!

You can use code “PAY20” and get 20% off!

AJ Voyage Black Espadrille Wedge AJ Voyage Mocha Espadrille Wedge

Dresses from H&M

These two dresses I also got in the winter from the sales rack so I was really excited about that. They are perfect for the spring and summer season which is why I am including them in this haul.

The first dress is something that I wouldn’t typically buy or wear, but something about it stood out to me and made me really like it. It was also on sale – so there’s that, right? It’s a thin denim shoulder dress with some flower embroidery on the neckline. You can either wear it loose and flowy or add on a waist belt for a bit of a different look! Unfortunately, I couldn’t find this one online or a similar version.

The second dress is black with a bunch of flowers on it. What sold me here was the detail on the top and the cute tie. This dress is lightweight and super cute! I could double this dress as a top and wear it with the mom jean shorts that I purchased (as you can see in one of the pictures above)! I wasn’t able to find the same exact one, but I did find something similar so check that out below!

H&M Dress

Black Linen Shorts from H&M

Spring/Summer Haul Black Linen Shorts

These were an absolute steal from the sales rack at only 15lv ($9)! I eyed them a couple of times before I decided to go ahead and try them on. They were one of the few that were left and they fit perfectly! These are so cute and they are something different other than jean shorts. They can be styled in so many different ways so I am so excited to wear them this season! They don’t have the same ones online, but these are pretty similar and are not too pricey!

H&M Black Shorts

This Spring/Summer Clothing haul wasn’t a big one, but I definitely got some essential pieces for the upcoming season so I am very excited about that. I will be posting some of the outfits and looks that I put together with these clothing items later this week so stay tuned!

Have you started shopping for the Spring/Summer season yet? What are some of your must-have items? Let me know in the comments below!


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