My Favorite Swimsuit Styles This Summer

My Favorite Swimsuit Styles This Summer Leopard Print Swimsuit Top

Picking out the right swimsuit is not always as simple as one might think – especially for a female. You have to consider the style, the fit, the cut, the coverage, and more! For me, I am a bikini kinda girl. Don’t get me wrong, I own at least 3 one-piece swimsuits, but I just don’t wear them. Even though summer is coming to an end, it is just getting started in some parts of the world – like the tropical places and the Caribbean. This means that it is not too later to share with you all some of my favorite swimsuit styles this summer!

I think I buy new swimsuits every year. I don’t know why, but I do. It is probably another one of my shopping problems, but I get tired of some of the styles and colors very fast. However, I do end up re-wearing other styles for years to come! Both my sister and I have similar thoughts about which styles we find more appealing, which is great because we end up borrowing each others’ swimsuits all the time!

Here are the styles:

Ruffle Strap Top

My Favorite Swimsuit Styles This Summer Ruffle Straps

I actually bought this bathing suit last year, but it was definitely in this year too and STILL one of my favorite swimsuit styles this summer. The ruffle straps are definitely in-style for all kinds of tops and incorporating them into a swimsuit was perfect. It gives you that little bit of edge and cuteness all in one.

High-Waisted Bottoms

My Favorite Swimsuit Styles This Summer Leopard Print

*Featuring my sister as the lovely model*

These bottoms provide you with a lot more coverage than others. Not only are they perfect for coverage, but they also look good – even if you don’t need the coverage. There are so many different swimsuit bottom cuts that you can choose from and still have the high-waist style which is great.

Leopard Print

Spending Time with My Twin Sister Skyfall Varna

With all kinds of prints coming back into style this year, the leopard print swimsuit quickly became a favorite of mine. I even mentioned the top in my August Favorites blog post last week! It is versatile since it can be worn with leopard print bottoms or with black bottoms – and vice versa!

Simple Yet Stylish

My Favorite Swimsuit Styles This Summer Simple Yet Stylish

Not only was I obsessed with this H&M swimsuit style this year, but I was also IN LOVE with the dark blue color. It is neutral and super flattering – with or without a tan. The top was not too exposed in the front while the back has a couple of straps and a tie. Simple, but it looks good! The bottoms are a bit cheeky, but not too much! They also scrunch together on the sides.

Triangle Top

My Favorite Swimsuit Styles This Summer Triangle Top

This is another swimsuit that I bought last year – this time from PacSun. I think this is one of my all-time favorite triangle tops. The top is super simple yet super appealing at the same time. The green color is also another thing that I find very appealing so the combination of the two is probably what does it for me. These bottoms tie together at the sides and can be adjusted as much or as little as you like!


My Favorite Swimsuit Styles This Summer Neon Swimsuit

*Featuring my sister as the lovely model*

Neon colors have been very popular this year and to be honest, it is a style that kind of freaks me out. That’s because I’m not very into neon for clothing since I find it to be very limited (FOR ME). However, for swimsuits, I absolutely love it. My sister has a few different neon swimsuits and I am obsessed. The colors definitely make the smallest of tans stand out which is a HUGE bonus for me haha.

Most of my swimsuits are purchased from either H&M or Zaful. I have a one or two from a few other stores, but these are usually my go-to places for any kind of swimwear. The prices are affordable, the quality is there, and the styles are so cute!

What were some of your favorite swimsuit styles this summer?

Let me know!


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