Guest Post: My Favorite Memories with my Twin Sister

Guest Post- My Favorite Memories with my Twin Sister Varna 2019

Since I am visiting my sister (Nicole) in Bulgaria, I decided to write a guest post on her blog! This post will be some of my favorite memories with my twin sister and I hope you all enjoy!

 As many of you all know, Nicole and I are twins and we have always been close. However, time and distance always makes the heart grow fonder and we have become even closer in the past few years. I wanted to reflect on a few of my favorite memories with my sister that I will never forget!

Kids in Razgrad, Bulgaria

Guest Post- My Favorite Memories with my Twin Sister Razgrad

My first and one of the best memories with my twin sister is when we were around 3 or 4 and in Bulgaria. My grandma took care of us during the summer months and I remember we would usually have some sort of routine that ended up with us riding these toy electric cars up and down the center of the city, Razgrad. We would spend hours doing this! Yes, it did cost money but my grandma always tells me that the guy who owned these tiny cars didn’t charge us more than once because we were advertising them since we had so much fun and other kids would want to do the same.


Guest Post- My Favorite Memories with my Twin Sister Cheerleading

I was a cheerleader in high school starting freshmen year and I remember I convinced Nicole to do cheerleading with me coming winter season because it was something we can do together and I knew she’d love it! This was so much fun because we had the same group of friends and always spent our time together. We ended up cheering in college for a short period of time and always coached a few camps for Fearless Athletics during the summer which was so much fun!

Moving into Our Apartment

We moved into an apartment together a little before the start of junior year of college in Towson, MD. I went to Stevenson University and Nicole went to Towson University; however, we wanted to save a little money with housing and I was able to commute to school. Moving in together was one of the highlights of my college experience because we became much closer than you’d expect. We were also able to get our dog, Jaxson, during this time which was truly THE BEST!

Distance Which Made My Heart Grow Fonder

Guest Post- My Favorite Memories with my Twin Sister during Holidays

Nicole moved to Bulgaria without me in April of 2018. Now this may not seem like one of my favorite memories with my twin sister – actually it’s very bittersweet – but, Nicole and I continue to talk every single day and it gives me an excuse to travel a lot more than I already do. I get a chance to come visit her every year and she will visit home at least once a year during the holidays. Nicole and I have so many things to do whenever we see each other that we’re never actually bored and just hanging around the house – we’re out making even more memories.

People always ask me, what its like to be a twin, what kind of bond we have, and do we have any type of twin telepathy or anything like that. (The answer to the telepathy part is no, unfortunately). However, I truly cannot imagine my life without a twin sister. We have a special way of communicating with each other – somewhat like our own little language which is super fun. She is my special person and I know that no matter what I will always have her right by my side – even if she’s 5,000 miles away.

If it wasn’t for my twin sister, I wouldn’t be where I am today and I wouldn’t have the same confidence that I do. I love you so much, sister! You mean the absolute world to me and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

–      xoxo Ev

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