Home for the Holidays – Surprising My Family

Home for the Holidays – Surprising My Family - Snowy House

I’ve been absent from my blog for about 2 months now and that was because of the holiday season. First and foremost, I’d like to say Happy New Year! It’s the end of January and I am just getting around to saying it, but it’s better late than never. I ended up going home for the holidays and surprising my family which is why I was so absent.

Everyone in my family knew I was coming home for the holidays, but they had the wrong date and they thought I would only be there for a little over a week. It turned out, I got there earlier than they had expected AND I stayed for 3 whole weeks. The only person that knew about it was my mom, who helped me pull it off.

Home for the Holidays – Surprising My Family

How I Surprised My Family

For those who don’t know, I text my sister every single day and if I don’t reply within a few hours, she starts suspecting that something is up. That was my biggest concern when boarding an almost 8 hour flight from London to Washington, DC. I already spent the night in London during my layover from Bulgaria and I hadn’t communicated with her much so I was super nervous as it is. Luckily for me, there was WIFI on the plane.

I landed in DC where my mom was waiting to meet me and we went home. The first victim we surprised was my dad. I walked inside the house and he (at first) confused me for my sister, until he realized it was me! He was super shocked, surprised, and excited – SO WAS JAXSON! My sister, brother, and grandparents were next and they were all incredibly happy to see me and hear I would be spending 3 weeks at home.

Holidays, Brunches, Happy-Hours, and Family-time

Home for the Holidays – Surprising My Family - Christmas Tree

I can’t imagine spending the holiday season without my family so I was very excited to be with everyone again. Christmas flew by and it was like any other year at our house. We opened gifts, had our yearly Christmas dinner, and everyone enjoyed each other’s company.

If you know me, you know I LOVE brunch. It felt like I was at brunch every other day – that’s probably what my Instagram followers thought too… but…sorry, not sorry. Brunch and Happy Hour is my time to see and catch up with a lot of my friends so it was something I couldn’t miss.

Home for the Holidays – Surprising My Family - Brunch

Another thing I did non-stop is cuddle with Jaxson – my dog, A.K.A. my son. I hadn’t seen him in a year and when I first walked into the house, he couldn’t stop jumping on me and wagging his little tail. He was laid on top of me and wouldn’t take his eye off of me. It was like he couldn’t believe I was there. SO CUTE! *wipes tear* hahaha

The weather at home was bi-polar, as per usual. It was super warm one day, snowing the next, but I took advantage of every single day to do something worthwhile. My sister and I went out into D.C. on a really warm Saturday. We went to a few different museums, monuments, and rode scooters up and down the streets of D.C!Home for the Holidays – Surprising My Family - Smithsonian American Art Museum

Also, did you guys know that the New York Times rated Washington, DC as the #1 Place to Visit in the world in 2020?!

Home for the Holidays – Surprising My Family - Me and Sister

Ringing in the New Year

I spent New Year’s Eve and the first 10 days of 2020 at home. We rang in the new year at a local bar in Pike and Rose in Rockville – The Block. The rest of my time at home I was eating as much of my mom and grandma’s home cooked meals as I possible could!

Overall, being home for the holidays was great and even though 3 weeks seemed like a lot, it really wasn’t. At the same time, I ready to come back to Bulgaria. Both countries/continents have their perks and I’m just living the best of both worlds – literally.

I promise, more blogs are coming! I’m just trying to get back into the swing of things, so be patient!

How did you all spend your holidays?

Much love,


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