Introducing Jaxson – About My Weimaraner, Best Friend, and “Son”

Introducing Jaxson – About My Weimaraner, Best Friend, and “Son”

I’m a HUGE dog person, if you didn’t know that already. While I love (most) dogs, of course, my dog is the closest one to my heart. Why not dedicate a blog post to him and introduce you all to my Weimaraner A.K.A. best friend and “son”?

Jaxson's First Birthday

This is Jaxson! Remember I told you guys I have a son? This is him. He is a Weimaraner, which is a German Hunting breed and he is full of energy all the time…literally. Jaxson is 4 ½ years old and is currently living with my sister (his other mom) and my parents in the U.S. This part always makes me super sad because I don’t have him here with me in Bulgaria and I miss him so much.

Jaxson Car Ride Home

My sister and I got Jaxson when he was 7 weeks old. At this time, our first family dog, Gibson, had passed away about a month before and to be honest, I was super depressed about that. My parents saw how bad I wanted another dog and were convinced it would help me get over the loss of our first one. They ended up helping me get Jaxson and I have been 110% obsessed ever since.

A Funny, Loving, and Crazy Pup

Jaxson has always been super funny and loving ever since he was a puppy. He LOVES to cuddle, but only in spots that he chooses haha. Since he is a highly-active dog, he loves to run and is always full of energy. I have tons of videos of him jumping and running in circles as he is playing. Sometimes he just gets a boost of energy without anyone expecting it.

Jaxson actually understands both English and Bulgarian since that is how we speak to him at home. There are, of course, a few words that get him VERY excited like “do you wanna go for a walk?” and “do you want a treat?” He’s super smart and it really amazes me sometimes! Jaxson loves my dad, sometimes I feel like it’s more than me, but there is just no way. Sorry dad.

Ever since he was a puppy, he has had jealousy issues. He is great when playing with other dogs, but if he sees them from far away or thinks they are a threat, he doesn’t stop barking. I promise, he is super friendly though, with both humans and dogs!!

My Dog Has My Heart

I have so many stories about him and memories that I always think about. I wish he could have stayed little forever. Only seeing him once a year is hard for me because dogs don’t live as long as humans do, so I am missing a huge part of his life. I take advantage of every second I get with him on Facetime when I talk to my family and I enjoy watching him turn his head while looking at me on the camera wondering what I’m doing in the screen and not at home. ♡

Anyway, this is Jaxson! Enjoy these pictures of him and us!



Much love,


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