A Letter to My Dad – A Father’s Day Tribute

Milan Duomo 2018 with Dad

This year for Mother’s Day, I wrote a letter dedicated to my mom. Since yesterday was Father’s Day, I figured that it would be a great time to write one for my dad. While my dad is in Bulgaria this Father’s Day (as am I), we ended up being in 2 different cities and were not able to spend the day together. However, my trip to Florence, Italy last weekend was not only for me, but I brought him along, too as an early Father’s Day gift. This post is dedicated to my dad specifically, but I hope that my other readers will be able to relate and feel grateful for their fathers as well.

Dear Dad,

First off, I wanted to tell you that you are a man in my life that I not only look up to but also admire. I am so grateful to have a father like you who doesn’t give up – at any age. Ever since I was younger – and being a twin – I always remember being the one to go with you places, helping you with certain tasks, and even watching hilarious shows on the couch at home. This was a way that we bonded and I will cherish it forever.

Like Father Like Daughter

We not only share the same character, but we also share the same interests. I am so lucky to have a father who enjoys traveling all over the world with me, even if it is a repeat of the same places that we have already been to.

Your support, love, and guidance mean the world to me and I wouldn’t have been able to make it this far in life without it and without you. Thank you for teaching me to always know my worth. Thank you for inspiring me to do better. Thank you for everything.

Strength, Intelligence, and a Bit of Humor

You are not like other dad’s out there. You are truly one of a kind which is what makes you the best. Your strength and intelligence are qualities that make you who you are. It is what encourages me to be more like you and it is something I have always looked up to. My favorite thing of all is your humor. You can turn the most random things into jokes (even though I don’t always understand them).

Not Just on Father’s Day

One day out of the year is not enough to celebrate everything that you do as a dad. You are admired and appreciated every single day. You have done so much for our family and helped us get to where we are. Without you, nothing would be the same.

I hope you know how grateful I am to be your daughter and to have you as my dad. I wouldn’t want to have it be any other way.

I love you with all of my heart.




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