A Life Update – What I Have Been Up to Recently

What I have Been Up To - Lunch in Florence

For those who don’t keep up with me on a daily/weekly basis in person or just haven’t been around me recently may not know that I have been super busy the past few weeks. Somehow, I have been able to keep up with my blog posts on my regular schedule – Mondays and Fridays – which is great. I figured I would change things up a bit and give you all a little overview of what I have been up to recently in this life update!

I had these hectic 2 months planned for quite some time. It all started with just a few dates having to be blocked off for certain things and then they just started becoming more and more. Now, my schedule is starting to lighten up, but I am still pretty overwhelmed – but in a good way, too. Here’s what I have been up to:

Went On a Road Trip

Life Update - Road Trip Throughout Bulgaria

It all started with my dad coming to Bulgaria at the end of May which was when we went on a road trip throughout the country. I wrote a blog post – two parts – all about it. The road trip was a lot of fun, but it was also very draining because every day was a new adventure that wasn’t planned out. We were up super early and on the road until we decided to stop.

Team Building with Work

My next weekend was spent at a team building event with my coworkers – “Caribbean” was the theme, btw. We stayed at a resort hotel about 40 minutes away from Varna. One of the activities was a competition that included building a boat in the sand – a picture of our boat is above (the Titanic was our inspiration). Unfortunately, we didn’t even make the top 3 which is so unfair if you ask if me because LOOK AT THAT THING!!

Took a Trip to Florence, Italy

This might be a life update that you already know about if you read my recent blog about this trip! I took some time off and went to Florence for a few days with my dad. This was such a great trip and it was definitely much needed. It’s been a habit of mine to visit Italy every year since 2017 at least a couple of times so I am glad that I am keeping up with that.

Celebrated At My Friend’s Bachelorette Party and Wedding

Some may have noticed that I attended a wedding last weekend and that was because one of my friends got married! We celebrated during her bachelorette party and the next weekend she was no longer a single woman. It was all so much fun and I got to meet some pretty incredible people!

Kali's Wedding

Exciting Things Coming Up

This isn’t all of what I have been up to recently, but it is the bulk of it. It may not seem like a lot to some, but each of these events took up more time than one might assume. It has been very crazy recently and I finally have a weekend that is ALMOST all free which means that I relax on the beach without thinking about much. However, I do have some other exciting things coming up which is continuing my hectic 2 months. I have another wedding that I will be attending, a small trip, and even a concert!

Stay tuned for all of that with the next blog posts!

What have you been up to recently?


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