Living Apart From My Twin Sister

Living Apart From My Twin Sister

If you haven’t read one of my first blog posts (10 things about me) or you are new to my blog (hello and welcome) OR you simply don’t know me on a personal level, you may not know that I have a twin sister. That’s right, we look alike, think alike, act alike, and yes – we do have our own “twin language”. Well, while I moved to the other side of the world, she stayed in America and we are now farther away from each other than ever before. Keep reading to find out how that’s going for us…

This Isn’t Our First Time Apart

I basically lived with my twin sister for pretty much my whole life with the exception of 2 years while we were in college and the past (almost) year since I have been in Bulgaria. We have always been close; I mean what would you expect from twins? However, what really made us even closer was actually separating and going to different colleges. This meant living apart and being away from each other for the first time ever.

We talked more than before, got along better, and we finally had the chance to miss each other since we didn’t see each other nearly as often. I ended up changing universities in my sophomore year and I transferred to a school that was only 20 minutes from her, but we were still living apart. We got to see each other more than before so that was great. Junior year we made the decision to move into an apartment together and since we were older, we got along a lot better – of course, as siblings, we had our occasional disagreements.

Moving 5091 Miles (8194km) Away

Living Apart from my Twin Sister - Map

Yes, that is how far away we are from each other. One of the few reasons that I didn’t want to move to Bulgaria was that I would be living apart from my twin sister. It was one thing being an hour and a half away our first two years of college, but now we are on two different continents and have a 7-hour time difference that we have to deal with. One thing that almost everyone asks me is “how did you end up moving so far without your twin sister?” … to be completely honest, it’s life, but I’d be lying if I said it was easy. I knew we would move away and live apart eventually. I never thought that it would happen so quickly and be so far away.

The Upside

Of course, there is an upside to every situation, right? Well, the great part about living apart from my twin sister is that I talk to her literally every single day, multiple times a day. Whether it’s through text, FaceTime, or social media. I have things that I can share with her because neither of us knows what is going on in each other’s lives since we are not there to see it for ourselves like before. Thankfully, she gets up super early for the gym and talks to me then and I usually stay up super late (because my sleep schedule is all kinds of messed up) and I get to FaceTime her once she is off from work at that time! There are also those middays texts that never go unanswered for more than 10 minutes.

Our relationship as sisters and twins has improved and our bond has gotten a lot stronger which I didn’t think was possible (given it was already strong). Plus, the best part of it all is that I get to look forward to seeing her when either one of us decides to visit.

To basically wrap up this blog post, I miss my twin sister A TON…words can’t explain. Living apart from my twin sister is hard, but we manage.

A short message to my twin sister – in bullet form:

  1. Hi.
  2. I miss you! *sheds tear*
  4. I love you!

P.S. Thanks for taking care of our son while I am not there, sister. Isn’t our bub (Jaxson) so cute?!


To the rest of my readers:

This is a gist of what living apart from my twin sister is like. Are you living apart from any of your close siblings? Let me know!


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