Maluma: 11:11 World Tour in Sofia, Bulgaria

Meet & Greet with Maluma

This past Monday I didn’t post a blog because I had a lot going on and simply didn’t have the time. I thought about posting it the middle of the week, but I was busy once again. However, I was busy because I went to a Maluma concert! A valid excuse if you ask me. I went to Maluma’s 11:11 Word Tour in Sofia, Bulgaria and had the time of my life! It was absolutely amazing and I wish I could relive the entire night.

Maluma 11:11 World Tour

The concert was in Sofia – the Capital of Bulgaria and Maluma had actually added it to the list of cities later than expected. His 11:11 World Tour consisted of stops to many European cities and when he first came out with the list, Bulgaria was not on there. I originally started planning a trip to Italy, Spain, or even the Czech Republic because I wanted to go SO bad.

Maluma in Sofia, Bulgaria

Luckily for me, Renelio Perez with Old Music Group was able to get Maluma to come to Sofia. I first thought that it was a scam and he wasn’t actually coming, but I looked into it and it was in fact true! My tickets for the Golden Circle (right in front of the standing section) and got as close as possible to Maluma – he looked right at me at least 100 times (fangirl moment, sorry not sorry).

I also was able to treat myself and get Meet & Greet tickets which I was INCREDIBLY excited for. Maluma is one of my favorite artists and one of the reasons I’m obsessed with him is because of how humble he is as a person, thankful he is for his fame, and his lyrics are so deep and real. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity not to meet him.

Maluma Meet & Greet Pass

Meet & Greet at the 11:11 World Tour in Sofia, Bulgaria

The concert itself was delayed about an hour and a half – as was the Meet & Greet, but it did happen so that’s all that matters. Those with Meet & Greet tickets were met on one side of Arena Armeec by Maluma’s staff and escorted to the designated area.

We ended up singing Corazon for Maluma when he entered as a surprise and (hopefully) a memorable experience for him. The Meet & Greet was short because everything was already behind schedule so we didn’t get to talk much with him, but it was still amazing. He was super nice and beautiful and I’m pretty sure I melted right there as soon as he hugged me.

11:11 World Tour

The concert went on for almost 2 hours and consisted of about 16 songs and a couple of videos from the 11:11 Album. It was my first time seeing Maluma sing live and going to one of his concerts. I have to say, he really does know how to put on a show!

He had the whole crowd screaming, singing, clapping, everything. The list of songs that Maluma performed was as follows:

  1. Mala Mia
  2. Corazón
  3. Vente Pa Ca
  4. Chantaje
  5. Borro Cassette
  6. 11 PM
  7. Créeme
  8. Marinero
  9. HP
  10. Hola Señorita
  11. X Remix
  12. Gyal You A Party Animal Remix
  13. Cuatro Babys
  14. El Préstamo
  15. Carnaval
  16. Felices Los 4

This concert was absolutely one of the most amazing experiences of my life and I will be going to see Maluma again. It is definitely something I recommend! I hope you enjoyed the pictures that I took from the concert!

Have you been to one of Maluma’s 11:11 World Tour shows? How about a Maluma concert in general?

Tell me about it!

Check out some of the videos I took from the concert on my YouTube Channel!


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