My August Favorites

My August Favorites

August felt like such a long month, but it really actually flew by. It was extremely busy and filled with lots of events and family time. While August may be over, I decided to compile some of my favorite items and pieces of clothing that I used or wore – or in other words “August Favorites”!

These are really only a handful of items and they are broken up into 2 sections – Beauty and Fashion. Some of these items are available for you to check out and purchase online or in-stores while others are not. For those items that are not available, I tried to find something similar or as close as possible! Let’s get started!


Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

My August Favorites Indian Healing Clay

My mom brought me this Indian Healing Clay when she came to visit and I had been dying to try it. I had read so many great reviews about how this stuff is magic and really cleanses your pores. Honestly, I have to admit that all of those reviews were right! I started to break out on my face a bit and I did this mask about 2 times a week and my face cleared right up and stayed that way! You can use it on your body or over insect bites too!

Nivea After Sun Bronze

My August Favorites Nivea After Sun Bronze Lotion

Of course August means HOT weather and I spent a lot of the month at the beach or pool. That meant that I was definitely working on my tan – and I did get SUPER tan. Now that summer is ending and there is less time for the beach, I want to hold onto my lovely tan for as long as possible. I have been using this After Sun Lotion from Nivea and it works wonders! It not only moisturizes your skin, but it also helps prolong the natural tan that you have without the use of bronzers. It has Natural Pro-Melanin Extract which is what helps!

Salvatore Ferragamo Incanto Heaven 

My August Favorites Salvatore Ferragamo Incanto Heaven

Salvatore Ferragamo makes some of the most amazing perfumes! This Incanto Heaven Eau de Toilette is one of my August Favorites because it isn’t too heavy, but it still lasts long and smells great! It is also on the budget-friendly side. I usually get it at Nordstrom Rack or Marshalls (Amazon has it, too) and it is usually always on sale! I JUST ran out so I am lucky that my mom brought me a new bottle!

Douglas Bronzing Powder (no. 4) 

My August Favorites Douglas Bronzer

I usually hate trying new makeup when I already have some that I like, but I ran out of my #1 bronzer (Physicians Formula Magic Mosaic Bronzer – Light Bronzer) so I had to get a new one. They don’t have Physicians Formula in Bulgaria, so I went on a hunt and this is what I found. It’s by Douglas and it actually became one of my favorites! It isn’t too shiny and it is just what I was looking for.


Zaful Leopard Bathing Suit Top 

My August Favorites Zaful Leopard Bathing Suit Top

My sister actually brought me this bathing suit top at the beginning of August and I fell in love! It was so cute and the leopard print was something different compared to my other bathing suit tops. I would always pair it with different style black bottoms and it always looked good! Believe it or not, the top in the picture above is a size Medium – in my opinion, it runs small. Keep that in mind if you are interested in purchasing it! It also comes in a set with the matching bottoms!

Zara Denim Shorts

My August Favorites Zara Denim Shorts

I recently blogged about my obsession with denim shorts and of course, it hasn’t faded. These shorts, in particular, have been my favorite throughout the month of August. They don’t fold at the bottom which gives it a bit more of a raw cut edge and the blue is super neutral. The little bit of fraying at the bottom is so cute and I personally really love the buttons in the middle versus a zipper! The shorts that I found on Zara’s website are not the same, but they are something similar!


I hope you enjoyed reading about my August Favorites! What were some of your favorite items to use in the month of August? Have you tried any of the items I have been obsessing over?

Let me know!


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