My Favorite Places to Eat in Varna, Bulgaria – Part 1

Restaurant Places to Eat in Varna, Bulgaria

I have been absent a bit from my blog because I was spending time with my twin sister who was visiting and taking some time for myself. However, I am back and ready to share with you all some of my favorite places to eat in Varna, Bulgaria. Some of these restaurants are a little more rustic, some have traditional Bulgarian food, while others have a bit of everything and even more modern cuisines. Most of them are open year-round in Varna, but there may be one or two that you will only be able to catch during the summer.

A few months ago, I wrote a blog in two parts about my favorite brunch spots in Varna. This blog is all about lunch or dinner. I visited most of the restaurants and ordered a variety of foods – from seafood to salads and even ribs. Here they are!

Mr. Baba

Mr Baba Places to Eat in Varna, Bulgaria

This is a restaurant on a boat, but don’t worry, you won’t be sailing off to sea during your meal. The boat looks like a pirate boat or one with a rustic feel and it is docked at the Port of Varna. It’s actually not even in the water. The last time I ate here the food was incredible.

I decided to order ribs that came with homemade mashed potatoes. Everything was SO GOOD. It ended up being a larger portion of food which is why I chose to skip the salad. I did, however, eat dessert and I fell in love!! It was a walnut brownie with vanilla ice cream and strawberry sauce on top. INCREDIBLE!

By the Sea

The Sea Terrace By the Sea Restaurant Places to Eat in Varna, Bulgaria

I have come here a few times before and it is one of my favorite places to eat in Varna mainly because of the view. The restaurant is located on the second floor and the windows are large with a view of the beach. The food here is also good, especially the seafood. Given that it is summertime and there is a lot of fresh fish during this season, I decided to eat seafood for dinner.

I first started off with salad – a Chef’s Summer Salad which was mainly some greens, avocado, tomato, cucumber, Emmental cheese, chicken and specially prepared dressing. One of the most popular Black Sea fish is Horse Mackerel or Сафрид in Bulgarian. They are tiny fish that are usually fried and really tasty. By the Sea serves their horse mackerel with tartar sauce. For dessert, I had homemade ice cream which was probably my favorite part of it all. The pistachio and vanilla flavors were AMAZING!

Some other great options for appetizers here are the Stuffed Squash and Pide (Пиде). The stuffed squash is vegetarian-friendly since it is made with quinoa, vegetables, and 3 different types of cheese. The Pide is also meat-free and is similar to a pizza, but it is made with eggs and a couple of different cheese.

The Sea Terrace

Restaurant Places to Eat in Varna, Bulgaria Sea Terrace

Located right in front of the central entrance to the sea garden in Varna is the Sea Terrace. While the menu isn’t very big, there are so many different types of food. This time, we chose to eat a mix of Italian and seafood while here. Summertime in Varna also means fresh mussels which is exactly what we got. They were made with white wine and herbs. French fries topped with feta cheese and the traditional Shopska (Шопска) salad was also on our menu. Along with Mama Mia pasta – which was made with red sauce and meatballs.

There is an upstairs and downstairs to this restaurant and it is right over the beach and overlooking the sea. The view is very nice and the atmosphere is a bit more “fancy” upstairs compared to the downstairs.

I am going to end this part of the blog here with these 3 of my favorite restaurants in Varna, Bulgaria and continue with next week’s posting with the next 3!

I hope you find these recommendations helpful! Tell me some of your favorite restaurants in Varna if you have any!




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