Orthodox Easter 2020 – Spending Easter in Quarantine

Orthodox Easter 2020 – Spending Easter in Quarantine

Despite the current pandemic, mandatory lockdowns, and social distancing, life has to go on. Nothing is stopping time from moving forward and holidays from coming around yet again. Today is Orthodox Easter and I am spending it in quarantine, but with good spirits, as should you if you are in this situation!

How I’m Spending Orthodox Easter 2020

While most people celebrated Easter last week, Orthodox Easter is today for us in Bulgaria. Even though we are all quarantining, I am in good spirits knowing that all of my family and friends have been reaching out. Spending this day alone isn’t ideal, but it is what has to be done.

Orthodox Easter 2020 – Spending Bulgarian Easter in Quarantine

Last year, I was able to enjoy Orthodox Easter with my family in my parents’ hometown. With my immediate family not here, it sure made it easier and it was a lot of fun. This year, we will have to postpone the gatherings and tough it out as we hope for the pandemic to die down and disappear.

A Bulgarian Easter Tradition

Orthodox Easter isn’t much different from regular Easter, it just falls on a different day most years. We have specific traditions that we follow like dying eggs either the Thursday or Saturday before Easter. On Easter Sunday, everyone in the household chooses an egg and tries to crack someone else’s egg without cracking their own.

Even though I colored eggs on my own this year, I’ll just be eating them instead of battling with others.

Orthodox Easter 2020 – Bulgarian Easter in Quarantine

My mom did the egg dying in America for our family and they turned out amazing! Jaxson was so excited that he even snuck one off of the counter and brought it to my mom hahaha. You can see how much he is enjoying the eggs!

Orthodox Easter 2020 – Spending Easter in Quarantine - Jaxson

For those spending Orthodox Easter in quarantine and those spending Easter alone, keep your head and spirits up!

Jaxson - Orthodox Easter 2020 – Spending Easter in Quarantine

Христос Воскресе!

Much love,


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