Orthodox Easter Weekend Wrap-Up

PS Orthodox Easter Weekend Wrap-Up Decorations

On Friday’s post, I mentioned that Bulgaria celebrates Easter on April 28th this year so that is what I ended up doing this past weekend. We usually go all out for these kinds of holidays and it is mainly spent eating all day and gathering with family. As you can probably guess, we were feasting, as per usual. Here is a breakdown of how I spent my Orthodox Easter weekend!

While my immediate family spent Easter Weekend in America, I actually was able to go see my cousins, uncle, aunt, and other close family-friends in my parents’ hometown. It’s about an hour and some change away from Varna so it was an easy decision to make instead of spending the holiday alone.

Orthodox Easter Weekend Wrap-Up Tulips

I got here on Saturday and the Easter eggs were already painted and ready for our egg fight on Sunday along with the kozunak (козунак) which was ready for eating! The weather here was a lot warmer than it has been in Varna so it was super nice to enjoy. I spent all day Saturday walking around, eating ice cream, and enjoying the Easter decorations and flowers all over town!

Easter Sunday

My Easter Sunday started early with breakfast – which consisted of a famous Bulgarian dish called Banitsa (банитца), kozunak, and of course the hard-boiled painted eggs! Unfortunately, the egg that I chose was not a winner in the fight, but it was still fun to play. In fact, my second cousin who is almost 9 years old won so it was a lot of fun for her!

We decided not to go to church on Saturday night (Sunday at 12:00 AM) because of how many people were going to be there and it was just going to be too crowded. The weather was pretty nice during the day, so I made my way to the center of the town to drink coffee and later eat the BEST chocolate soufflé (in my opinion) in the world … okay, at least in Bulgaria. All of us gathered once more for dinner and ended the day with more eating and drinking.

Chocolate Souffle

It wasn’t a super packed Orthodox Easter weekend, but it was definitely relaxing and I was surrounded by great vibes so, I enjoyed it. I also got to finish some of the long-overdue tasks that I couldn’t seem to finish for the past few weeks.

I’m going to keep this post short today, but I hope you enjoyed it none-the-less. If you celebrated  Easter over the weekend, how did you celebrate? Let me know!


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