5 Summer 2019 Fashion Trends That I’m Loving

5 Summer 2019 Fashion Trends That I’m Loving

Fashion trends are simply what is in style at the moment and while many people follow them – it is totally ok for you not to. Doing your own thing and making your own style trendy is something that I’m all for. However, there are a few summer 2019 fashion trends that I am loving and I figured I would share them with you all. Also, make sure that you keep in mind that just because you like a trend doesn’t mean you have to wear it, change your wardrobe to match, etc.

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Maluma: 11:11 World Tour in Sofia, Bulgaria

Meet & Greet with Maluma

This past Monday I didn’t post a blog because I had a lot going on and simply didn’t have the time. I thought about posting it the middle of the week, but I was busy once again. However, I was busy because I went to a Maluma concert! A valid excuse if you ask me. I went to Maluma’s 11:11 Word Tour in Sofia, Bulgaria and had the time of my life! It was absolutely amazing and I wish I could relive the entire night.

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My Denim Shorts Obsession: 5 Ways to Style Your Denim Shorts

My Denim Shorts Obsession - 5 Ways to Style Your Denim Shorts

Aside from sneakers, another one of my obsessions is denim shorts. I have been wearing denim shorts for years, but I recently realized that the obsession is real.  They are not just my go-to clothing choice for the summer, but they are also super versatile which is why I like them so much. There are so many ways to style your denim shorts – they can be paired with almost anything and still look good. You can dress them up and dress them down.

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7 Tips for Visiting Florence – Avoid Mistakes and Make the Most Out of Your Trip

Tips for Visiting Florence - Ponte Vecchio

Yes, another blog post about Florence because I just can’t get enough of this city and there is just so much to tell. Don’t worry though, this blog post is an informative one if you are planning on visiting Florence and want to avoid mistakes or simply make the most out of your trip! Who would have thought that in a small city like Florence, there would be so much to keep in mind? Here are my 7 tips for visiting Florence!

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A Life Update – What I Have Been Up to Recently

What I have Been Up To - Lunch in Florence

For those who don’t keep up with me on a daily/weekly basis in person or just haven’t been around me recently may not know that I have been super busy the past few weeks. Somehow, I have been able to keep up with my blog posts on my regular schedule – Mondays and Fridays – which is great. I figured I would change things up a bit and give you all a little overview of what I have been up to recently in this life update!

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Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas: What to Wear to a Wedding as a Guest

Last Friday (June 21st) was the first day of summer which means that it is officially the peak of wedding season! Wedding season ranges from the end of Spring to the beginning of Fall usually because of the warmer temperatures and more pleasant weather conditions. If you have been invited to a wedding this summer, you may be wondering what to wear as a guest. I have compiled a few different wedding guest outfit ideas and will even show you what I wore this past weekend!

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8 Florence Attractions: Where to Go in Florence, Italy

Florence Attractions: Where to Go in Florence, Italy

Florence is the capital of the Tuscany region in Italy and it is personally, one of my favorite cities that I have ever been to. It has an insane amount of history and it is amazing how that history has been preserved throughout the years. When you stroll the streets you get a feel as if you are in a different world – like you are in Italy centuries ago. If you are visiting Italy, you may be wondering what some of the top Florence attractions are. In this blog, I will tell you all about where to go in Florence, Italy and what is best about each attraction. Stay tuned!

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A Letter to My Dad – A Father’s Day Tribute

Milan Duomo 2018 with Dad

This year for Mother’s Day, I wrote a letter dedicated to my mom. Since yesterday was Father’s Day, I figured that it would be a great time to write one for my dad. While my dad is in Bulgaria this Father’s Day (as am I), we ended up being in 2 different cities and were not able to spend the day together. However, my trip to Florence, Italy last weekend was not only for me, but I brought him along, too as an early Father’s Day gift. This post is dedicated to my dad specifically, but I hope that my other readers will be able to relate and feel grateful for their fathers as well.

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A Wrap-Up of My Recent Trip to Florence, Italy

My Recent Trip to Florence Italy

Italy is known for a lot of different things; mainly for its charm, history, and of course, its beauty – Especially in Florence. Florence is a city that I can never get tired of and even though I have visited this city (now) 4 times, I still want to go back again and again. Earlier this week I got back from my most recent trip to Florence, Italy and I decided to wrap up the entire vacation for you in this blog post!

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My Road Trip Throughout Bulgaria – Part 2

Road Trip Throughout Bulgaria Troyan Balkan Stara Planina

Last week, I started telling you guys about my road trip throughout Bulgaria that I recently took with my dad. I am continuing the break down of my journey in today’s blog post with Part 2! I left off with Day 3 as we were traveling to Pamporovo and Smolyan; however, we had made a few stops along the way. We stopped at the Bachkovo Monastery and the Wonderful Bridges. Eventually, we got back on the road and headed to Pamporovo.  

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