Spending Time with My Twin Sister

Spending Time with My Twin Sister at Varna Pool

As I’ve gotten older, I have begun to cherish my time spent with my twin sister more and more. That time is even more valuable to me now since I live so far away from her. Since she recently visited me in Bulgaria, I got to spend some time with her and catch up. Here’s an overview of what we did!

Originally, I wanted to plan a trip for us to go somewhere out of the country – like Greece or Spain or somewhere fun so we can enjoy ourselves even more. However, that didn’t happen and we only had 9 days to maximize our fun in Varna. That was all we needed because we had each other – and the beach.

Spending Time with My Twin Sister in Varna

Beaches, Pools, and Spas

We ended up going to a few different beaches and pools while she was here and my goal to make sure that she had as much fun (and time to relax) as possible. The Skyfall Rooftop Pool at the International Hotel and Casino in Golden Sands was one of our favorites this year because it wasn’t as crowded compared to other years. You don’t have to be a guest at the hotel to use the rooftop infinity pool, but there is a $10/person entrance fee. You also pay for all food, drinks, and hookah separately if you wish to consume anything!

We also spent a couple of days at the Aqua House spa in St. St. Constantine and Elena. This is a spa center that has everything from facials to fitness centers, saunas, steam rooms, and of course many different pools. The good thing about the pools is that they are all with mineral water which is good for soothing the body. When I say that my twin sister and I worked on our tans, I really mean it. We spent other days at the beaches in Kabakum and Golden Sands just relaxing and enjoying each others company!

European Football and Family Time

European football (soccer) is big in our family and the best team in Bulgaria is from my parents’ hometown. That meant that we had to go to the football games while my sister was here. The best part about it was that the only 2 games that were scheduled during her time here were both big ones. The first was a game for the UFEA Europa League – Ludogorets vs. The New Saints. The game finished with a score of 5:0 in favor of Ludogorets and it was an exciting game to watch! The second game that we attended was Ludogorets vs. CSKA which is a HUGE rivalry. Unfortunately, this one ended up being a tie at 0:0, but it was still fun to attend.

My mom flew in a couple of days later and it was a chance for all of us to spend some time together – we were only missing our brother (*sheds tear*). We went back to Skyfall, got VIP treatment, and enjoyed it!

10 days (9 full days) flew by, but it was really nice spending time with my twin sister. Aside from eating our favorite food at numerous restaurants, shopping, tanning, and exploring, we had a lot of fun!

Spending Time with My Twin Sister Skyfall Golden Sands

I am counting down the days until I visit her in December when I fly back to America!

P.S. for all my friends reading from America – I already bought my ticket, so clear your schedules! 😉


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