Our Studio Apartment Renovation in Bulgaria – Before and After

Our Studio Apartment Renovation in Bulgaria Living Room Area

If you have ever thought about investing in real estate or flipping homes or you simply find home renovations and interior design interesting, this blog will most likely appeal to you. My family is one that has a lot of experience in the home renovation and real estate industry. In fact, it’s kind of divided in the sense that the females of the family are involved with real estate (myself included) and the men work in renovation. When it came to investing in a property in Bulgaria, we didn’t pass up the opportunity. We worked on an amazing studio apartment renovation in Bulgaria and it turned out amazing!

My parents have worked on NUMEROUS home renovations in America and house flipping projects. What else can you expect from a real estate broker and an owner of a home renovation company?

An Art Studio Turned Into a Studio Apartment

With the intent of (once again) owning property in my parent’s home city, we ended up purchasing one for a steal of a price. The catch: the amount of renovation that was needed. The property was considered to be an art studio back in the day, but we, of course, turned it into a studio apartment for living purposes. It is a lofted space with incredibly high ceilings and great potential to turn into something amazing.

When I first went to see the property, I had a few things running through my mind. The first was “why this?” and the second was “wow, this is great”. The mixed feelings were present because when you see a property in bad condition, you are kind of skeptical about what the transformation would look like. However, knowing that my parents would be in charge of how the renovations would go along with the interior design, I was confident that it would turn out to be better than expected.

Here are the “Before” pictures.

The property was built during the communism years in Bulgaria so it is a very sturdy structure. However, the property hasn’t been cared for, maintained, or even used in many years.

We started off the studio apartment renovation by gutting the entire property and removing anything that we didn’t need.

The ceilings are 6 meters (about 19 ft.) high so we decided to drop them and create a very interesting yet simple design. We also closed off the original lower level bathroom door and relocated it to the other side. For the loft, we closed off a lot of the open wall and left a window since that would be the bedroom and would require some privacy. That area is also where we added the 2nd bathroom.

We installed new windows and a new sliding door on the lofted area that would lead to the large balcony. Since the lofted space was a bit tight to make into a bedroom, we decided to extend the interior by taking a bit of space from the balcony – still leaving it quite large in size.

Our goal was to make this studio as “homey” and as comfortable as possible so, we decided to have a fireplace added.

Adding the Details

Everything ended up coming together quite fast. We added minor details like lighting, a brand new metal door, AC/Heating units, and then it was time for the floors. We choose Granitogres tiles – which is a form of stone – for most of the flooring. Both of the bathrooms are considered to be “wet bathrooms” and we added another kind of stone tile to the flooring and walls. Of course, floor heat is a must for each property that we renovate and there was nothing holding us back from adding it to this one.

We got the kitchen designed by IKEA and the appliances from an Italian appliance shop in Varna. The new stairs were custom made from wood and we had a custom glass railing installed. We had granite countertops added in the kitchen along with a granite backsplash on one side.

The decorating and interior design were next in line for our studio apartment renovation project. Most of the furniture is from Aiko or Mömax which are European stores similar to IKEA. The closets that we had installed in the lofted or bedroom area were custom-made to fit the shorter ceilings.

All in all, this studio apartment renovation project turned out incredible! Out of all of the home renovations that my family has worked on, this is definitely one of my favorites. There are definitely ways to get incredible renovations done on a budget and ensure that the space you are living in is comfortable enough for you.

I hope you enjoyed this “Before and After” post about our studio apartment renovation!



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