My Top 10 Netflix Shows to Watch

My Top 10 Netflix Shows to Watch

Even though my summer is extremely busy and I have little time to relax for a moment alone (which is good), I still long for those days where I can put my feet up and watch Netflix all day. Binge-watching TV shows is something that I love doing when I have a bit of free time. There are so many Netflix shows to watch, but not all of them are my kind of thing. I gathered my top 10 favorites and decided to share!

Top 10 Netflix Shows

Most of these shows have been out for years, while others are newer. However, I literally can re-watch almost all of these and never get tired of them. These shows all range in genre and are a mix of some of my favorites – Horror, Comedy, Thriller, Crime, and Drama. I promise I won’t include any spoilers. Here they are – in no particular order.

1. You – 2018

My Top 10 Netflix Shows to Watch - You

Starring my one of my favorite actresses – Shay Mitchell and of course Penn Badgley – this series is considered a thriller and is based on the novel written by Caroline Kepnes. It’s about a bookstore clerk who falls in love with a girl and almost immediately becomes obsessed with her. I watched this series on a whim earlier this year and I LOVED it! It had such a great ending since it wasn’t what I expected.

2. Prison Break – 2005-2009 and 2017

My Top 10 Netflix Shows to Watch - Prison Break

This series was written very well in my opinion. I fell in love with it when I first watched it! The original series ran from 2005 to 2009 and the final season came out in 2017 which was good, but not better than the first 4. It’s about two brothers – one who was framed for a crime he didn’t do and put on death row while the other gets put in the same prison on purpose to be with his brother. Their fight to get out is intense and continues in and out of prison.

3. Gossip Girl – 2007-2012

My Top 10 Netflix Shows to Watch - Gossip Girl

Yes, this is a bit of a girly one so if you aren’t into American teen drama – feel free to skip along to the next one. This one stars another one of my favorite actresses Blake Lively and Penn Badgley once again. It follows the life of a group of teens in Manhattan, NY who attends a prep school and are living a rich and lavish lifestyle. There is also recent talk of a reboot so I am SUPER excited about that!

4. The Haunting of Hill House – 2018-Present

My Top 10 Netflix Shows to Watch - The Haunting of Hill House

I am eagerly awaiting the next season of this series! It is a horror and one of the Netflix shows to watch that is so incredibly interesting. It is one of those shows that goes back and forth in time following a family along with their experiences in their haunted house. It honestly gives me chills and creeps me out, but I love it.


My Top 10 Netflix Shows to Watch - The People VS. OJ

This is a mini-series based on the O.J. Simpson murder case that happened in 1994. It stars many well-known and great actors including Cuba Gooding Jr. David Schwimmer, John Travolta, Sarah Paulson, and Nathan Lane. It was super interesting to watch and you can get an inside look at what happened with one of America’s biggest criminal cases.

6. El Chapo – 2017-2018

My Top 10 Netflix Shows to Watch - El Chapo

Another American Crime TV series based on a true story is El Chapo. His real name is Joaquín Guzmán and he was the biggest drug kingpins. It showcases his life from the very beginning of his time in the drug business and how he worked his way up. Along with his life spent in prison and his escapes. This series was very interesting for me to watch because it was a story that I followed and actually did a school project on. It is in Spanish, but there are subtitles on Netflix.

7. Gilmore Girls – 2000-2007

My Top 10 Netflix Shows to Watch - Gilmore Girls

I remember watching this show on TV when I was little and I saw every single episode – just not in order. I sat down a few years ago and watched the series from start to end and fell in love all over again. Again, it is an American comedy mixed with some drama. It focuses on a single mom and her daughter and the way they live their lives. Definitely relatable for girls in high school/college. In 2016, Netflix released a 4-part mini-series as a sequel and that was great, too!

8. Friends – 1994-2004

My Top 10 Netflix Shows to Watch - Friends

Yes, I am a HUGE Friends fan. This is a sitcom that you absolutely cannot miss. I have watched each episode 100 times and they never get old. The jokes are still as hilarious, if not more than before. To be honest, if you haven’t watched this series, shame on you. Make sure to binge this one as soon as you can because Netflix is rumored to only keep it up until the end of 2019!

9. Breaking Bad – 2008-2013

My Top 10 Netflix Shows to Watch - Breaking Bad

One of my favorite Netflix shows to watch, hands down. I mean, a high school chemistry teacher who becomes a meth-making genius with one of his ex-students? SUPER INTRIGUING if you ask me! There are rumors for this show to be making a movie soon, so hurry up and watch!

10. Suits – 2011-Present

My Top 10 Netflix Shows to Watch - Suits

This is actually a series that I just recently started and can’t get enough of. I love legal drama TV shows – another one is Scandal. This one recently got renewed for it’s 9thand final season – I’m only on season 2, but I am loving it so far and I am already sad that it’s ending.

What are some of your favorite Netflix shows to watch? Are you a fan of any of these?

Let me know!



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