Top 3 Places as to Where to Go for Brunch in Varna

Brunch in Varna, Bulgaria

      If you’re like me, you love the idea of brunch and having a place to go eat a mix of breakfast and lunch foods on a Saturday or Sunday mid-morning/afternoon. When I was in America, brunch was my favorite thing to do on the weekends so when I moved to Bulgaria, I had to find the best places to go. The average Bulgarian will probably eat breakfast at home or maybe grab something quick from a bakery while on the go. However, more and more restaurants are starting to add brunch options to their menus! Here is what I was able to locate for brunch in Varna!

1. 12-13 Eat & Meet

This restaurant is probably as “American” as it gets when it comes to brunch in Varna. When I say that I mean they have the typical Eggs Benedict, French Toast, Avocado Toast, “American” Pancakes (because anything else in Europe is a Crepe), and more! It’s located in the center of Varna, close to the Opera theater!

The setting here is a bit more relaxed with a loft-style set up for the dining area and limited seating on the main level. It’s super unique and has a really cozy vibe! They also have All You Can Eat brunch options often which you can keep up with on their Facebook page!

We ended up trying out the Eggs Benedict and the American Pancakes. Everything was absolutely delicious. I will note that the pancakes could have been a fit fluffier and since maple syrup isn’t popular in Bulgaria like it is in America, I ate them with honey.

NOTE: Unfortunately, as of April 24, 2019, 12-13 Eat & Meet has closed. 

2. The House of Vi (Къщата на Ви)

Saturday Brunch at the House of Vi

On a classic brunch menu, of course, you have to have some lunch options, right? That’s what I liked about this place. This restaurant has a small brunch menu, but with great options to choose from! The location is a bit hidden from some of the main streets, but it’s not far. It’s actually on the same street as 12-13 Eat & Meet! The charm of this restaurant is also amazing! It literally feels like you are at home (a nicely decorated one at that).

Aside from my regular order of a cappuccino to (hopefully) wake me up, I ended up getting a Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Sandwich with a side salad. It was so delicious and the little pieces of lemon were the perfect touch! They also had a Vegetable Omelet that was super fluffy and tasty!

What better way to stuff yourself during brunch than to finish with “Buhti” – Бухти (similar to Beignets or donuts) and French Toast? Both dishes were served with a Fig Jam which added the perfect amount of sweetness!

3. Marché

If you are looking for brunch in Varna and a menu with a lot of variety as far as breakfast/lunch/dinner foods, this is the place to go! They have a specific brunch menu for Saturdays and Sundays that they post weekly on their Facebook page.

The restaurant is pretty large with indoor and outdoor seating areas. I love the interior design of it as a whole! It is located in the Sea Garden which is a prime spot in Varna and it’s great because you can walk off the food you ate when you’re done (if that’s your sort of thing).

To switch things up this time, we started off with soup – a Classic Bulgarian Chicken Soup (my favorite) and a Creamed Sweet Potato with Pumpkin! Both were delicious! Of course, we ordered more French Toast and “Buhti” (Бухти)! This time they were served with jam from Green Tomatoes … which I had never tried before, but loved! I also had a French Croissant to enjoy with my cappuccino!

Recap of the Restaurants

Overall, all of these restaurants are great if you are looking for brunch in Varna and they all averaged about 15lv per person which isn’t bad! Most of the brunch options included “Buhti” (Бухти) and French Toast – which I am not complaining about, but it was also nice to see some other options.

Since brunch is a relatively “new” or “undiscovered” concept here, they don’t have some of my go-to favorites like potatoes/home fries or Belgian waffles. This is definitely a great start though

Surprise! An Extra Location for Brunch in Varna!

Okay, it may not exactly be “brunch”, but it’s a quick stop that you have to check out at least once! It’s called Ei Tyka (Ей Тука) and I came across this place on Instagram one day. I actually located it as I was walking to one of the brunch spots above! It is right by the center of Varna (Sevastopol) and it is a super creative take on cereal.

The concept of this place is as follows: you get to pick your kind of cereal (just one or combining up to 5 different kinds) and you can add your choice of toppings + pick a fun milk color!

Don’t worry: it’s regular milk with some food coloring.

I ended up mixing a few different kinds of cereal including Frosted Flakes, Cookie Crisp, something similar to Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and Unicorn Fruit Loops! I topped it with some marshmallows, some white chocolate dots, Oreo, and colored candy pearls. To match the color scheme I chose purple milk!

I also got a Cookies-and-Creme milkshake and we decided to share a loaded waffle which had a bunch of toppings! There was gummy bears, ice cream, chocolate candies, some cookies, and more!! Delicious and definitely something you should share unless you have a BIG sweet tooth!

Do you enjoy going to brunch on the weekends? What’s your favorite brunch food? Let me know in the comments and don’t forget to check back Monday for a new blog post!

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