Traveling Essentials – Things I Don’t Travel Without

Traveling Essentials

It’s officially Springtime which means that traveling season is upon us! More and more people travel during the warmer seasons like Spring and Summer so if you are planning a trip, you have to know what to bring with you! I don’t just mean your suitcase full of clothes and your toothbrush. I’m going to show you some of my must-have travel essentials for almost every kind of trip! Generally, these items will fit in my small/medium over the shoulder bag, tote, or a carry-on suitcase – depending on what you need/where you are going. Hopefully, it will help you plan for your upcoming trip!

My Traveling Essentials

Depending on the length of my trip and how light I have to pack, I will usually bring all of these things. What you will need depends on where you are going and the type of lifestyle you live. I will include clickable images for some items that I have and that you may need for your trip. Make sure to check them out!

Electronic Essentials

Of course, this generation can’t go anywhere without the electronics so I figured I would talk about this first. Make sure you are prepared with not only the electronics but also their chargers and additional equipment. I always have a small portable battery that I bring with me because my phone tends to die quickly (especially when I am taking pictures).

Also, make sure that you think about where you are going – if you are leaving the country, will you need a plug for a different outlet? There are a lot of options when it comes to different plugs. You can purchase them individually or you can purchase a universal one which is a lot easier if you are an avid traveler! Here’s a list of the electronics I pack:

  • Laptop and Laptop Charger
  • Phone Charger and Portable Power Bank
  • Power Adapter and Voltage Converter
  • GoPro
  • Instax Polaroid Camera
  • Headphones

Traveling Essentials - Portable Power BankTraveling Essentials - Adapter and Converter  Traveling Essentials - GoPro Hero 7 White  Traveling Essentials - Instax Polaroid CameraTraveling Essentials - Apple AirPods


If you are going somewhere for more than a day, you do not want to forget these travel essentials. There are a lot of convenient options for storing small quantities of liquids and more. If you are going somewhere for more than a week, you may need larger quantities of your products, but chances are that you can buy some more wherever you are going. No matter if I am going for 3 days or 3 weeks, I always bring the following with me:

  • Small Containers of Shampoo, Conditioner, and Facewash
  • Makeup wipes
  • Toothbrush + Cover and Toothpaste
  • Lotion (traveling makes your skin dry)

Traveling Essentials - Travel Bottles Traveling Essentials - Neutrogena Makeup Wipes Traveling Essentials - Toothbrush Protector


These are some of the most important travel essentials to take with you, especially when going out of the country. You can’t travel without your passport so make sure that you always have it with you and that it is in a safe and secure place. Also, if you have a student ID, make sure to bring it! You can get a lot of student discounts when you are abroad! I usually make copies of these items and leave them at home with family just in case I lose them while abroad. There a lot of convenient holders you can buy when traveling that help you keep track of all of these documents! Don’t forget these:

  • Passport
  • Medical Cards
  • Photo ID
  • Student ID

Miscellaneous Essentials

Some items that I absolutely NEVER leave my house without includes Vaseline Lip Therapy (I can’t stand when my lips are dry) and hand sanitizer. The sanitizer is necessary especially when you travel because you are touching so many things and germs are gross. Some extras that I bring with me include:

  • Hand Sanitizer and/or Hand Wipes
  • Vaseline Lip Therapy
  • Sunglasses
  • Roll On Perfume (great option instead of an entire bottle)
  • Laundry Bag
  • Foldable Tote Bag

Traveling Essentials - Bath and Body Works Hand Sanitizer Traveling Essentials - Vaseline Lip Therapy Traveling Essentials - Vince Camuto Roll On Perfume Traveling Essentials - Longchamp Tote Bag


Your carry on bag should always have an emergency set of clothes, especially if you have a larger checked bag. This way, if your checked bag gets lost, you will still have something to wear or change into. This means that you should always pack the following:

  • Undergarments – underwear and socks
  • Comfy shoes (if you’re not already wearing some)
  • Clean T-shirt and Pants/Shorts
  • PJs
  •  Formal Outfit + Shoes (If you have the room and are planning a nicer day out)

All of these travel essentials won’t be necessary for shorter/closer trips, but it’s a great guide for those wondering what to take when you travel. Did I miss anything? What do you guys include in your carry on bag when you are traveling?

Make sure to read my blog about how to travel on a budget!


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