A Visual Diary of My Last Months of Summer 2019

Skyfall A Visual Diary of My Last Month of Summer 2019

From my most recent blog posts, you may know that all I have been talking about is my summer and the things I have done along with how busy I have been. The photo library on my phone is proof that it, in fact, has been busy. I remember taking well over 300 pictures in ONE SINGLE DAY when my sister was here…so imagine a span of 10 days when she was here…let alone, the rest of summer. Well, I decided to compile some of my favorite pictures that I haven’t had a chance to post all in this visual diary.

Shoutout to My Personal Photographer

The best part about having my sister visit is, of course, her presence, but it also means that I have my very own personal photographer back in my life (for the time being). In other words, she keeps taking pictures until we get both agree that we have a winning picture. The best part of it all, she USUALLY doesn’t complain! (love you, sister).

Anyway, without further ado, here are some of my favorite pictures of the last months of Summer 2019.

FYI and If you couldn’t already tell: my twin sister is my favorite person in the world.

Can you see a difference?

A Visual Diary of My Last Month of Summer 2019 Twin

A Visual Diary of My Last Month of Summer 2019 Sister

Shoutout to *our* personal photographer A.K.A. Mom and her camera angles.

Skyfall Pool A Visual Diary of My Last Month of Summer 2019

Obviously, I am wishing that I could go back in time and relive these 10 days with my sister. Also anxiously waiting for December so that we can be reunited!

Well, while Summer may be officially over, my summer picture spam most likely isn’t… especially if you follow me on Instagram. Sorry, not sorry. Don’t let that stop you from following me though!

I hope you guys enjoyed this Visual Diary. It was my first one so far, but probably not my last!


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