Volunteering at a Pet Shelter in Varna

Puppy at Animal Hope Varna

Volunteering at a Pet Shelter    

Many people already know that I have a huge love for pets – mainly dogs (mine in particular), but that is beside the point. One thing that has really opened my eyes since living in Bulgaria is the number of stray dogs and cats there are on the streets. Most of the pets in Bulgaria have been vaccinated and let back out because of the limited amount of space there is to house them. If you see a stray on the street, you know they are friendly and treated because of the tag that is on their ears. It really blows my mind how people can own a pet to all of sudden disown them and leave them on the street. That’s why I chose to do some volunteering.

Puppy at Pet Shelter Blind cat at Pet Shelter

I decided to go with one of my friends to a pet shelter in Varna – Animal Hope Varna – and it was quite an experience. It breaks my heart seeing such beautiful cats and dogs like this and thinking about how someone could have let them go! The cat on the right in the picture above is blind, but if you look at how they play and get around without a problem, you would be amazed. It was super muddy outside, so don’t mind the dirt on my clothes in the pics. There is a lot to do on a daily basis for these animals, but my task was pretty straight-forward. I helped clean the rooms where the cats stay, their litter boxes, gave them food, and of course, played with both the cats and the dogs.

 Cat at Pet Shelter Cat at Animal Hope Varna Puppy at Pet Shelter in Varna

A Little About Animal Hope Varna

Animal Hope Varna is a non-profit organization that has been around for a few years and they are constantly looking for help from volunteers. They do more than just provide shelter for these pets, they also help animals that are ill, provide vaccines, castration, deworming, feeding, and of course the love and care that they deserve. They are able to do all of this through the donations that they receive, though it is still hard for them to pay for everything which is why they need help from others.

Animal Hope Varna

While I have volunteered for many different organizations in the past, this was my first one in Bulgaria and my first Animal Shelter. A pet doesn’t need much except love and care – which is what this organization gives. I will definitely be going back to help. This experience was eye-opening and it was amazing to see how happy these pets were to play with and see people, despite their situations.

I am not affiliated with this shelter in any way, but I am very interested in helping the cause. If you would like to help the pets at this shelter or in Varna in general, visit the Animal Hope Varna website and go to “How to Help” to learn how you can. Whether it is a small donation, becoming a volunteer, or even adopting a pet, anything counts!

 Dogs at Animal Hope Varna Pet Shelter Puppy at Pet Shelter Animal Hope Varna

I would also like to thank @victoriadencheva for the pics!

~ With Love ~

♡ N. ♡

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