Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas: What to Wear to a Wedding as a Guest

Last Friday (June 21st) was the first day of summer which means that it is officially the peak of wedding season! Wedding season ranges from the end of Spring to the beginning of Fall usually because of the warmer temperatures and more pleasant weather conditions. If you have been invited to a wedding this summer, you may be wondering what to wear as a guest. I have compiled a few different wedding guest outfit ideas and will even show you what I wore this past weekend!

I attended one of my friends’ weddings this weekend and first and foremost I have to say that it was truly amazing.

Kali, if you’re reading this: you were a stunning bride and I am incredibly happy for you!  

I ended up wearing a pastel pink romper from Zara (which is not online) with a tie in the front and ruffle like sleeves. I added some pink accessories like my earrings, rose gold Michael Kors watch, and beige Michael Kors purse. My platform sandals were also from Michael Kors and were a beige/tan color.

Wedding Guest Outfit Rules:

While fashion typically has no rules except for owning whatever it is that you have on – weddings are a bit of an exclusion. If you had to ask me, I would give you the following two rules when it comes to a wedding guest outfit:

  1. Don’t try to upstage the bride with your outfit – it’s her day, not yours.
  2. Leave the white for the bride – there are so many other colors to choose from.

Without further ado, here are some wedding guest outfit ideas:

Flower Print Maxi Dress

Lulu's Flowy Maxi Dress

A maxi dress is always a great option and flower print is such a summery look. The blue and white colors are perfect and it has a slit in the front so that you can show off a little bit of leg. There are also a few different color options! I loved this one!

Black Cropped Jumpsuit

Nordstrom Geo Peekabo Wedding Guest Outfit Jumpsuit

In my mind, you can never go wrong with a jumpsuit and black is the go-to color for me. This jumpsuit is super chic and it has that little bit of “sex-appeal” in the center with the cutout. It does show your back a lot, but it isn’t too much in my eyes. Definitely a great option!

Dipped Hem Flowy Dress

ASOS Flowy Wedding Guest Dress

This dress is one of my favorites and one that I would without a doubt wear to a wedding as a guest. The flowy detailing is stunning and the color is neutral so it will go with any kind of accessories/shoes.

Sleeveless Midi Dress

Leith Sleeveless Tiered Dress

I am actually loving this dress. It is a bit different for my taste, but something is drawing me into this one. I like the different tiers on the bottom and that it falls mid length instead of going all the way down. The colors compliment each other very well and it is perfect for summer!

Lace Midi Dress

Nordstrom ASTR THE LABEL Dress

Lace is very in-style nowadays and this is perfect for a wedding. The color of this dress is a pastel purple/pink and it is flowy which makes it great for twirling and dancing! It is mid-length so it is great for those who don’t want to show too much leg.

Puff Sleeve Mini Dress

Lulu's Pink Wedding Guest Dress

This dress is similar to the outfit that I wore this past weekend. It is almost the same in color and it has a tying aspect in the front as well. Mine out was a romper while this is a dress. It is still a very cute option for a wedding guest outfit. The puff sleeves are also something that I love!

Black Floral Print Mini Dress

ASOS Pephem Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas

This dress is so cute. I am a huge fan of black and the floral print gives it that touch of color that it needs. I also love the camisole and V-neck top!

If you are attending a wedding as a guest, I hope these outfits were of inspiration for you! These were just some of my favorite wedding guest outfit ideas that I found online. What are some of your favorites? Let me know!


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